Affiliate // Dorace Falone - Full Body Makeover

Meet our newest affiliate at RA_ Loft!
Dorace has the magic touch. Her hands will heal your body like no other. We cannot say enough how excited we are to have her at the co-op! We often take advantage of her services and so should you!

How did you get into massage?
  • I got into massage when I was a kid, after developing chronic back pain from scoliosis and spending hours a day over several years of sitting at the piano studying music. That’s when my mom started massaging me, using Shiatsu to relieve pain and help my spine realign. Eventually I began massaging my friends with techniques I had learned from her. I love working with my hands and helping people, so when I realized the power of massage and how I could share with others this way to heal from pain it became clear to me that I had found my calling.

How would you describe your technique?
  • I’ve been told that I have a unique technique. Intuition plays a big role in the way I work, but I also rely on technical skill and knowledge. Having worked in many different environments with a broad range of clients, my style has changed over the years and I’ve learned to better adjust my approach to individual needs. My attention during massage is not only on the physical but also the metaphysical, and the intention is to help people achieve a whole body balance during our sessions. I use a variety of modalities to address specific issues as well as achieve deep relaxation. 

What’s your favorite part about your work?
  • I love to see how my clients have transformed at the end of our sessions, looking happier and more peaceful. Not only are they able to let go of whatever brought them in, but creating a safe space where they can heal and being a part of the healing energy that moves in that space is also very beneficial for me.

How do you get into the zone?
  • With music, usually! I feel like there’s always an appropriate style of sound to accompany an environment or situation and can help transport me into a more focused state of mind.

Fun fact about yourself? 
  • I love to make body products at home and I’m addicted to seaweed body wraps! I like to only use organic oils that are good for the skin, and love mixing up nutrient-rich concoctions for beauty benefits.