Another one of our absolute favorite oils used in our RA_ POTHECARY products is derived from grapeseeds! This oil has so many wonderful benefits for hair and skin, you'll be left wondering why you haven't been smothering yourself in it your whole life!

The number one reason we obsess over this oil is because it is a natural UV protectant! Because it is so jammed packed with Vitamin E and fatty...
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RA_ Ritual // Girl's Night In

RA_ Rituals // observed ceremonial acts of honoring yourself

One of our favorite rituals, one that is completely necessary for survival, is Girl's Night!

It's important to surround yourself with positive, go-getting people. People who love you, who you can learn from and who help bring out the best in you. And what's better than getting together with your girls to exchange ideas, let out emotions...
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Winter Do's

It's cold AF. Maybe wet and windy too. 
As seasoned hair artists, are we even allowed to say this...? 

Wear a hat!

It's a great way to stay warm, keep dry and look fab without even trying. However, it has to fit properly. There is nothing more distracting than an ill-fitted hat. 

We are all about beanies and brims! Here's a few tricks to picking the hat for you.

A hat shouldn't feel tight yet also not...
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Hungover From The Holidays // Guide To Getting Back In The Game

Phew! We made it. 

Through all the feasts, family and food. 

We all know how emotional, stressful and gluttonous the holidays can be. So we've designed a one month program (Compliments of Amrose Fitness) that will not only clean out your physical system but help clear out your mental and emotional space as well!

It's time to do a little reset. 

Join is this month of January in our Holiday Hangover...
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What's In A Resolution?

2018 is just days away. This is when we all reflect in the past year, the joys, the heart aches, the adventures, successes and even failures. Then we decide what to do better. How to make this upcoming year the best yet.

There is just something about the passage of another full rotation around the sun that makes us not only nostalgic for times past but excited about the future!

So as silly as it may...
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Affiliate // Dorace Falone - Full Body Makeover

Meet our newest affiliate at RA_ Loft!
Dorace has the magic touch. Her hands will heal your body like no other. We cannot say enough how excited we are to have her at the co-op! We often take advantage of her services and so should you!

How did you get into massage?
  • I got into massage when I was a kid, after developing chronic back pain from scoliosis and spending hours a day over several years of...
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RA_ Rituals // GRATITUDE

RA_ Rituals // observed ceremonial acts of honoring yourself

There are many things we do in life, big and small, that make us feel good, make us feel like ourselves.  It's important to make the time to do these things habitually, so that you can continually feel good and stay in balance.

The RA_ Ritual of expressing gratitude is one of the most important!

Three Morning Rituals of Gratitudefrom some...
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Is Glitter The New Black?

It might be cold and dreary outside, which is exactly the reason to give your face an extra pop! 

Don't shy away from color this season when it comes to your makeup. In fact, give it a little glitz! We are obsessed with glitter these days. Maybe it's our nostalgia for the nineties, glam rock or being a pre-teen but glitter is just as fun as ever and holiday appropriate!

Try Urban Decay's Moondust...
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