What Our Oil Treatments Can Do For You

Summer always takes a certain toll on your hair and scalp. Whether you spend extra time in the sun, pool and ocean or are just too busy with summer activities to pay it any attention- your locks need some love right about now! 

Our RA_ Bar is just the solution. 

We nurse thirsty hair and flaky scalps back to life by using all *raw* organic oils custom elixir-ed to specifically target root issues....
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RA_ Features New Artist Laura Viapiano

These awesome pieces are now for sale at RA_ Bar Beauty. Email us for more info about the LA based artist Laura Viapiano and her works! 
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By RA_ POTHECARY on 2015-09-04

Today I woke up looking like maybe last night was one of those nights I ate ice cream straight out of the tub, drank a whole bottle of wine and binged watched Orange Is The New Black. Yeah, that happens.

Whether this is your story too or you went out dancing all night.. Mornings like this take a little extra  je ne sais quoi  to get it together. 

Take some RA_ advice.

Rule number one in any...
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Why We Still Love Bronde

                                                         COLOR IS EVERYTHING.

 In fashion. In decor. In nail polish.. 
 But especially when it comes to your precious hair!

One doesn't exactly realize how important hair can be until one, well, f---s it up. 

Box dye at home or an unexperienced colorist can ruin your confidence for not only days but sometimes weeks or months while you go through...
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What's In A Name?

Let's go ahead and break down our name. RA_ Bar Beauty.

It is not the abbreviation R.A.  - for which it is so often mistaken.

It's pronounced Ra (rah), referring to the ancient god of the sun. We strive wholeheartedly to embody the same light, energy, and warmth as he and to beam just as bright! The three of us, female founders, came together to create a positive spacewhere one was lacking. Not only...
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RA_ Featured On America's Best

RA_ Bar Beauty was picked by America's Best to be showcased on their program! Tune in to KCOP tomorrow at 6am to check us out!
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The beauty industry can be a harsh one. So many times, the process is forgotten and the focus is turned to the showmanship of a stylist and unrealistic results.  

We’re here to tell you that going to see your stylist should be about YOU. You don’t need to be turned into a Kardashian, you need to be lead to the color, cut, style that works for youand makes you feel the best! Your lifestyle,...
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Today Show Swipes Right: A Tinder Story

Katelyn Rader, the incredibly sweet, talented, level-headed lady boss, (who also happens to be one of our favorite clients) has found the love on her life and is about to tie the knot! 

Would you believe it? She met her mate on Tinder. This power couple is an inspiration in so many ways. 

We are beyond excited for their journey together to continue into matrimony and even more excited to participate...
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